Thursday, August 10, 2006

The 24-gun hired ship Keijser

The 24-gun hired ship Keijser (Keyser) was commanded by Jan ter Stegen. The ship was eventually paid off and Jan ter Stegen took over command of the Aemilia after Willem van der Zaan was moved to the Campen, to replace his dead brother about March 1653. The Keijser was lightly armed, but was well-armed enough to actually serve in the fleet during the summer of 1652. The Keijser was with Tromp's fleet on the voyage to the Shetlands in July to August 1652, when the fleet was dispersed by a severe storm. Such far north latitude severe storms were a feature fo the mini-Ice Age that lasted until the early 1700's. The storm that destroyed half of the Spanish Armada is another example. The document from the Wrangell Collection supplies the specifications for the Keijer:
The ship, the Keijer, Capt. ter Stegen
Length from stem to sternpost:  122ft
Beam:                            25ft
Hold:                            11-1/2ft
Height between decks:             6ft
24 guns:
 6 gotelingen   8 lbs
 8 gotelingen   6 lbs
 8 gotelingen   4 lbs
 2 gotelingen   2 lbs

Crew:  70 men (later, as many as 80 men)

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