Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is this ship model supposed to be the Gouda that served in the First Anglo-Dutch War?

One ship included the Wrangell Collection list of ships hired by the Admiralty of Amsterdam in 1652 is the Gouda. Just the inclusion of the Gouda in this list is controversial, because the Gouda seems to have been built as a warship. I noticed a picture of a Pyro ship model from the past of a Dutch warship named Gouda:

I wondered if this was supposed to be a model of the Gouda that is in this list and which fought in the First Anglo-Dutch War. The ship was built about 1636 and was commanded by Jan Egbertsz Ooms. The Gouda was lost in the storm in early November 1653, along with many other ships from Witte de With's fleet. This is the data from the list:
the Ship Gouda, Capt. Ooms

Length from stem to sternpost:  116ft
Beam:                            29ft
Hold:                            11-1/4ft
Height between decks:             6ft-7in

28 guns:
 4 brass            12 lbs
12 gotelingen        8 lbs
 4 brass             6 lbs
 6 gotelingen        6 lbs
 2 brass chambered   4 lbs

Crew:  90 men

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