Friday, August 04, 2006

The large ship Drie Coningen hired in 1652

The large ship Drie Coningen was hired in 1652. The ship was initially commanded by Lucas Albertszoon (or Albertssen). The Drie Coningen fought in the Battle of Plymouth and the Battle of the Kentish Knock. It appears that Lucas Albertszoon was removed from command for his performance at the Kentish Knock. A document, that I date about mid-March 1653, that is published in The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, still shows Lucas Albertszoon as captain. A name appearing in that document does not mean much, as it still shows Jacob Huyrluyt as captain of the Zeelandia, when his lieutenant, Nicolaes Marrevelt was in command. This is the data from the document that Jan Glete sent me from the Wrangel Collection in the Swedish archives:
The ship, the Drie Coningen, Capta. Lucas Aelbrechtsz.

Length from stem to sternpost:   145ft
Beam:                             30ft
Hold:                             14-1/2ft
Height between decks:              6-3/4ft

Armed with 24 guns
and of the State: 12 guns

36 guns:
16 gotelingen         12lbs
10 gotelingen          8lbs
 6 gotelingen          6lbs
 4 gotelingen          4lbs

Crew: 120 men

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