Friday, August 11, 2006

The hired ship Catharina

The ship Catharina (apparently called Juffrouw Catharina by Dr. Elias in Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen) was commanded by Dirck Bogaart. The Catharina was apparently hired on 4 June 1652 and was taken by the English in the Fishery Protection Squadron on 22 July 1652. The ship was later seen by a Dutch warship in a Norwegian port, flying English colours. This the information about the Catharina from the Wrangell Collection document:
The ship, the Catharina, Capt. Bogaart (called Bogard in the list)
Length from stem to sternpost:  116ft
Beam:                            25ft
Hold:                            11-1/2ft
Height between decks:             6-1/2ft
24 guns:
6 gotelingen       8 lbs
8 gotelingen       6 lbs
4 gotelingen       4 lbs
4 gotelingen       3 lbs
2 brass bases      3 lbs

Crew:  70 men

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