Saturday, August 12, 2006

Abraham van der Hulst's ship in 1652

I have reached the conclusion that Abraham van der Hulst's ship during the summer of 1652 must have been a States' ship, not a hired ship. That is what Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet and the Hollandsche Mercurius list indicate. I realized that I had forgotten that since we know that Dirck Schey commanded the ship Achilles listed as number 1 in Vreugdenhil's list, then ship number 2, also named Achilles, is not known to have been commanded by anyone in 1652 (or any other date). Right now, the Achilles of 1644 seems like the best candidate for being the ship commanded by Abraham van der Hulst in 1652. That leaves us the further question as to who commanded the Achilles from late 1652, or at least what happened to the ship. Sources:
  1. Pieter Casteleyn, Hollandsche Mercurius, 1652
  2. Hendrik de Raedt, Lyste van de schepen van Oorloge onder het beleyt Admirael Marten Harpersz. Tromp, 1652
  3. A. Vreugdenhil, Ships of the United Netherlands 1648-1702, 1938

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