Thursday, August 03, 2006

A different sort of 24 gun ship: the Marcus Curtius

The Marcus Curtius represents a different sort of 24 gun ship than some. The shp is longer, but still carries a light armament. The ship was commanded by Hendrick Kroeger, and was taken by the English on 22 July 1652, while with the Fishery Protection Squadron. This is the data from the document sent to me by Jan Glete:
The ship Marcus Curtius, Capt. Kroeger

Length from stem to sternpost:   120ft
Beam:                             25ft
Hold:                             11ft
Height between decks:              5-1/2ft

24 guns:
6 iron gotelingen      8 lbs
8 iron gotelingen      6 lbs
4 iron gotelingen      4 lbs
4 iron gotelingen      3 lbs (?)
2 iron gotelingen      2 lbs

Crew:  70 men
The low height between decks is striking. The ship also has a length-to-beam ratio of 4.8, which is pretty large.

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