Thursday, August 17, 2006

Isaak Sweers' ship, the Engel Gabriel (36 guns)

The document from the Wrangell Collection has the details of Isaak Sweers' ship Engel Gabriel. This was a large, hired ship. He served in Michiel De Ruyter's fleet in the summer of 1652 and probably fought in the Battle of Dungeness, on 10 December 1652. His ship was sunk by gunfire on the first day of the Three Days Battle on 28 February 1652. These are the details of the ship:
The ship the Engel Gabriel, Capt. Sweers

Length from stem to sternpost:  130ft
Beam:                            30ft
Hold:                            13-1/2ft
Height between decks:             6-1/2ft

36 guns:
18 gotelingen   12 lbs
10 gotelingen    8 lbs
 4 gotelingen    6 lbs
 4 gotelingen    4 lbs

Crew:  120 men

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