Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Simon van der Aeck's ship, the Amsterdam

Another ship listed in the papers that I received from Jan Glete is the ship Amsterdam, commanded in 1652, at least, by Simon van der Aeck. The Amsterdam fought in the Battle of Plymouth in August and probably was at the Battle of the Kentish Knock on 8 October 1652. The ship was still in service in March, and probably took part in the Battle of Dungeness and the Three Days Battle from 28 February until 2 March 1653. These are the particulars:
The ship Amsterdam, kapitein Sijmon van der Aeck

Length from stem to sternpost:  130ft
Beam:                            29ft
Hold:                            13ft

30 guns:

10 gotelingen of 12 lbs
 8 gotelingen of  8 lbs
 8 gotelingen of  6 lbs
 4 gotelingen of  3 lbs

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