Sunday, January 01, 2006

Old Dutch ships

Thanks to Carl Stapel's research, we know dimensions for some pretty old Dutch warships. For the ship that have both lasts and dimensions, I calculated the factor. The formula for calculating lasts is as follows:
Lasts = length x beam x hold / K
This is the list:
Adm Ship      Captain                Built Size     K     Length Beam     Hold
A   Dolfijn   Marten Zegersz.        1593  125lasts 243.8 100ft  26-1/2ft 11-1/2ft
A   Kraan     Cornelis van Grieken                         90ft  25ft     12ft
A   Neptunus  unknown                1593  250lasts 183.5 102ft  33ft     13-1/2ft
A   Utrecht   unknown         listed 1607                  90ft  27-1/4ft 11ft
Z   Neptunus  unknown                1596* 200lasts        62ft? 27ft     
  1. Carl Stapel, personal communication "a ship from 1593", 2005.
  2. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Neptunus", 2005.
  3. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Vlootlijst Gibraltar 25 april 1607", 2006.

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