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Dutch Captain Matthijs Corneliszoon

Matthijs Corneliszoon served the Amsterdam Directors. He commanded the Sint Salvador, hired by the Directors in early 1652. His lieutenant was Jan Janszoon Lons. The Sint Salvador was a sizable ship, having dimensions of 130ft x 30ft x 13-1/2ft with a height between decks of 6-1/2ft. Dr. Ballhausen says that he fought in the Battle off Dover on 29 May 1652. Matthijs Corneliszoon participated in Tromp's voyage to the Shetlands in July and August 1652. On 8 November 1652, the Sint Salvador had a crew of 125 men and carried 34 guns, consisting of 4-brass 18pdr of the State, 14-12pdr, 10-8pdr, 4-6pdr, and 2-3pdr. His name could have been spelled sometimes as Matheeus or Mathijs, as well. I also suspect that he had a last name following Corneliszoon that does not show in the sources available to us. In any case, he is not mentioned in our sources after the 8 November 1652 date. Sources:
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  3. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1600-1700", 2005.
  4. Hendrik de Raedt, Lyste van de schepen van Oorloge onder het beleyt Admirael Marten Harpersz. Tromp, 1652.

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