Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dutch Captain: Herman Lijnslager

Herman Lijnslager served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He took part in an operation off Cadiz in 1696, under the command of Geleijn Evertsen, where he commanded the Banier (64 guns). The ships in Geleijn Evertsen's squadron were:
Z Walcheren    72 guns  Vice-Admiral Geleijn Evertsen
A Hollandia    72 guns  Anthonij Pieterson
A Gouda        72 guns  Anthonij Manart
Z Eerste Edele 72 guns  Cornelis Mosselman
N Enkhuizen    72 guns  Jan de Jongh
M Veluwe       66 guns  Johan van Convent
A Banier       64 guns  Herman Lijnslager
F Prins Friso  64 guns  Joseph Willem van Ghent
A Muiderberg   50 guns  Paulus van der Perre
fireship                Commandeur Desherbiers (French)
fireship                ?
He fought in the Battle of Vigo Bay on 22 October 1702, where he commanded the Reigersbergen (74 guns). There is a painting of the battle, which gives a sense of the confined space. On 23 August 1704, he fought in the Battle of Velez Malaga, where he commanded the Nijmegen (74 guns). He was killed in the battle. Sources:
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