Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dutch Naval Officer: Jacob Teengs

Jacob Teengs served the Admirlaty of Amsterdam. In 1691, Jacob Teengs commanded the frigate Groenwijf (36 guns). On 23 May 1703, Commandeur Jacob Teengs, in the ship Schermer (44 guns) fought in a sea battle in the Bay of Biscay. The French, under the command of Rene Duguay-Trouin, captured his ship and took him prisoner. He was exchanged in about 6 months. In 1732, he was on an Amsterdam Admiralty expedition against the Moroccans. There was also Jacob Teengs de Jonge, who commanded the small frigate Kroonvogel (16 guns) on convoy service in the North Sea in 1696. In 1697, he went to the Bay of Biscaye and was taken by Duguay-Trouin and taken into Nantes. In 1708, he was forced to go into an English port due to storm damage. Sources:
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