Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dutch Captain: Jacob Schellinger

Jacob Schellinger served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. From later in 1652 until 1653, he commanded the hired ship Venetia (28 guns and a crew of 100 men). He was absent from the Battle of Livorno on 14 March 1653. He may have been with the squadron of 8 ships off of Messina. Andrew believes that Jacob Schellinger most likely served under Venice from 1649 until 1651. A number of the hired ships that served under Dutch command in 1652 and 1653 served under Venetian command during that period, including the Madonna della Vigna, which was the only Dutch ship lost at Livorno (see the Battle of Focchies). The index for The First Dutch War is abysmal, and confuses Pieter Schellinger with Jacob Schellinger. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, "The First Dutch War in the Mediterranean," The Mariner's Mirror, Vol.49, No.4, November 1963.
  2. C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, 1910.

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