Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dutch Captain: Harmen Walman

Harmen Walman served the Amsterdam Directors. In June 1653, he commanded the ship Hollandsche Tuin (32 guns), a fluit. Apparently, the day after the Battle of Scheveningen ended, his ship was towed mastless to the Texel. In September, he was cleared by a courtmartial of misconduct during the battle (one of six so cleared). His ship was one those mentioned by Witte de With on 11 August 1653 as having run from the battle. There is some confusion, as another letter mentions Joris Block as the captain of the Hollandsche Tuin on 12 August. Dr. Elias is the one who says it was Harmen Walman. We believe that we know the specifications of the Hollandsche Tuin:
Hollandsche Tuin
Amsterdam Directors

Hired circa 28 January 1653

Dimensions: 130ft x 29ft x 13-1/2ft
Height between decks: 6-3/4ft

32 guns:  4-18pdr, 10-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 2-3pdr

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