Friday, January 06, 2006

Dutch Naval Officer: Henricus Rosaeus (or Roseus)

Henricus Rosaeus (or Roseus) served the Admiralty of Amsterdam as a fireship commander. He fought in the St. James's Day Battle in 1666, where he commanded the fireship Brak (4 guns) in Cornelis Tromp's squadron. During the attack on Chatham in June 1667, he commanded the fireship Wapen van London. Because of his lack of initiative, he was removed from his fireship, put on board the Gelderland, and given a chance to show improvement. In 1671 and 1672, he commanded the fireship Beemster. He fought in the Battle of Solebay. He commanded the fireship Velsen in the first Schooneveld Battle on 7 June 1673. On 18 March 1677, he was present at the burial of Michiel De Ruyter. Sources:
  1. Gerard Brandt, Het Leven en Bedrijif van den Heere Michiel de Ruiter, 1687.
  2. Frank Fox, A Distant Storm: the Four Days' Battle of 1666, 1996.
  3. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Henricus Rosaeus", 2005.

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