Saturday, December 31, 2005

After the Battle of Dover in early June 1652

This is my attempt at a translation of a passage in Vol.II of Dr. Elias's book Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen:
With this letter, on 3 June Tromp sent the captains Allert Janszoon and Isaac de Jongh to the Downs to take possession of Tuyneman's ship from Blake and escort it to Patria. Moreover, De Jongh was tasked to travel to London where he told the Dutch envoys about the events of 29 May, to inform them of what had happened. At the same time, Tromp sent the ships of Captain Ham (wounded in the leg in the fighting) and of Van der Zaan to take the Straatsvaarder and Sipke Fockes' mastless ship, and taken them to the Texel. At the same time, he had the captains survey their ships and do what was necessary to supply the needs and men of everyone's ships and to help repair the damage to these ships.
I am sorry to say that I had to guess at the meaning of the last sentence, in particular. I would welcome help to improve the translation.

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