Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another description of the Battle of the Slaak

This is based on my translation of a webpage (which shows a picture of the battle)

In 1631, the Spanish governor in the Netherlands, Isabella of Austria (1566-1633) devised a plan to separate the rebellious regions of Holland and Zeeland. For this purpose, they had brought together a fleet of 90 inland watercraft to attack and conquer the Ooltgensplaat and the southern bank of the Volkerak. At the head of the Spanish fleet stood the marquis Aytona. On 8 September, the fleet headed for the Scheldt.

Prince Willem had a plan for Vice-Admiral Marinus Hollaer (1575-1637) to defeat the Spanish attack. The Zeeland flag officer led a force of over fifty smallcraft, and he let the Spanish into the Scheldt and then attacked. In the evening of 12 September, when the Spanish attacked the people of Zeeland, in the Slaak, the Dutch fleet attacked. A consequence of the unexpected attack created confusion among Aytona’s men and eventually a general panic ensued. By the tens, the Spanish jumped into the water to escape capture by the Zeelanders.

The Spanish seapower was destroyed. Aytona barely escaped with only two of his ships. 4000 men were taken, while 1,500 sailors and soldiers were killed. The Scheldt remained in Dutch hands.

I always welcome help with correcting my translations.

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