Monday, December 12, 2005

Dutch Captain: Elias van den Base (or Baese)

Charles Boxer transcribed a name as "Elias Balck", but this ssems to have been an error where the correct name was Elias van den Base (or Baese). Elias van den Base fought in the Battle of the Downs in 1639, where he was assigned to Scout-bij-Nacht Joris van Cats' squadron which was assigned to attack the Flemish admiral. Elias van den Base may have served the Amsterdam Directors, although another list assigns him to the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was said to have commanded a convoyer. On 5 October, he was sent to a letter for their majesties and the Admiralty of Zeeland. The context confirms that the captain in Joris van Cats's squadron was Elias van den Base. On 14 October 1639, while salutes were being fired, a Spanish marksman shot dead a man on Auke Balck's ship, in all likelihood, not on Elias van den Bases's ship. Sources:
  1. Dr. M.G. De Boer, Tromp en de Armada van 1639, 1941.
  2. Charles R. Boxer, The Journal of Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp Anno 1639, 1930.

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