Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dutch Naval Officer: Geen Huygenszoon Schapenham

Geen Huygenszoon Schapenham served the VOC and the Admiralty of the Maze. In 1615-1616 he commanded the VOC ship Gouden Leeuw at the sail to Bantam. From 1620 to 1621 he commanded the ship Gelderland (180 lasts) in Haultain's fleet, sent to the Mediterranean Sea to fight pirates. In 1623-1625 he was a Vice-Admiral of the Jacques Le Hermite's squadron, sent to Pacific Ocean. Geen Schapenham flew his flag on the Delft, which was commanded by Witte de With. Pasteur has the list of ships and captains. They attacked some Spanish colonial ports in the Chile and Peru (1625). Geen Schapenham died about 1625 on the back way to Batavia. This is an edited and expanded version of what Andrew sent me about Geen Schapenham. Sources:
  1. J. Pasteur, website including "The Voyage Around the World of the Nassau Fleet 1623-1626, 2002.
  2. Carl Stapel, personal communication "fleet of Haultain nov 1620- sept 1621 to Mediterranean", 2005.

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