Friday, December 02, 2005

Dutch Captain: Ernest de Bertrij

Ernest Adriaanszoon de Bertrij served the Admiralty of Rotterdam. In 1652, he commanded the hired ship Hollandia, believed to be a ship of 26 guns. He started the war in Witte de With's squadron. After the Battle of the Kentish Knock, Witte de With inspected the fleet and recommended that Ernest de Bertrij's ship be paid off, due to its small size and light guns. Ernest de Bertrij's journal apparently still exists, and would be interesting to see. He apparently was with Tromp's fleet on the voyage to the Shetlands, along with de With and Florissen. They had taken part in a raid on the Downs, hoping to replicate 1639, but it was not to be. They left there for the ill-fated voyage to the Shetlands. Sources:
  1. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, Vol.II, 1923.
  2. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, Vol.IV, 1927.

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