Thursday, December 29, 2005

More about Dutch captains

This is and edited version based on my translation of a passage and the note in Dr. Elias's Schetsen, Vol.III, page 87:
In the courtmartial at Hellovoetsluis in October, only two of the captains accused by the fleet commander were convicted as deserters from the fleet, and De With again saw his accusations disavowed by their high majesties. The appointed judges did not share his opinion. The following year, in March and April, several of those accused were found guilty, and sentenced to be shot for their dereliction of duty, or because of their lack of motivation in defending their ship against the enemy, or by their leaving the fleet. Of those accused in October 1652, apparently Lucas Albertssen and Reinier Sikema were convicted. Those accused included Lucas Albertssen of the Drie Coningen, Hans Carelssen Becke of the Sara, Ewout Jeroenszoon of the Zutphen, Allert Janszoon of the Dubbele Arend, Cornelis Loncke of the Faam, Lambert Pieterszoon of the “Hector” ( I believe that he commanded the Nassouw, based on documents from 1652), and Harman Wallemans under Captain Swart on the Vliegende Faam. There was also Jan Jacobszoon van Nes of the Gorcum, who left his ship at the Kentish Knock, Cornelis Hola of the Leiden, and Gerrit Femssen of the Wapen van Enkhuizen.
This probably needs some further work, but I hope that I have captured the essence. This might account for why some of these captains were no longer mentioned, after late 1652. Others continued in service into 1653 where they perhaps got into worse trouble.

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