Monday, December 05, 2005

Dutch Captain: Bartholomeus Rietbeeck

Bartholomeus Rietbeeck served the Amsterdam Directors. In early 1652, he was lieutenant on the Valck, the ship of Cornelis Janszoon Brouwer. By early 1653, he had been appointed as captain of the ship Roseboom (28 guns). The Roseboom had been commanded by Gerrit Schuyt during 1652 and into 1653. By June, Bartholomeus Rietbeeck commanded the Roseboom. The Roseboom was a ship with dimensions 118ft x 27ft x 12.5ft, with 6 feet between decks. The Roseboom carried 12-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 6-6pdr, and 2-3pdr guns. Her crew was about 105 men. Bartholomeus Rietbeeck fought in the Battle of the Gabbard, where his ship was taken by the English. Sources:
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  2. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Directors Ship Information", 2003.
  3. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, Vol.V, 1928.

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