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Dutch Captain: Cornelis Ringelszoon (sometimes shortened to Ringels)

Cornelis Ringelszoon served the Admiralty of Zeeland. In 1639, he commanded a ship with 32 guns and a crew of 110 men. On 29 April 1639, he was with Witte de With's squadron, lying off the Meuse, with the ships of Witte de With, captains Colster, Vijch, Brederode, Vooren, Keert de Koe, Halfhoorn, and Ringelszoon. On 3 October 1639, he was assigned to Jan Evertsen's squadron, along with many other Zeelanders. He fought in the Battle of the Downs on 31 October 1639. In July 1640, some boys escaped from a fishing ship taken by the enemy and reported that the ships of Jan van Galen, Ringelszoon, Veen, and Magnus (or Magnuszoon) had been taken by the enemy. This seems to have not been true, however. In October 1643, he was assigned to the second squadron in Tromp's fleet of two squadrons that were engaged in blockading Dunkirk. In April 1644, he joined Tromp's squadron and they sailed for Calais. They found 6 King's ships and 10 private frigates in the harbor of Dunkirk. On 1 and 2 March 1645, he and Tromp had attacked an enemy ship, and in the process Ringelszoon's ship knocked off Tromp's ship's head and bowsprit. He also put a shot through the stern of the ship they had taken so that it threatened to sink. The ship proved to be the old Noorderkwartier ship Kasteel van Medemblik, which had been taken by the Dunkirkers six years before. The ship was armed with 27 guns and had a crew of 105 men. Tromp had warned him against getting so close, as he had feared a collision. Captain Ringelszoon had to ask for forgiveness. In April 1646, Joost Bankert, Frans Janszoon, and Cornelis Ringelszoon were seht to the West Indies, in the service of the West Indies Company. Their normal employment was with Tromp's fleet engaged in blockading Dunkirk. Sources:
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