Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lionel Lane

We know something about Lionel Lane's career from 1650 to 1654. His commands:

  • 1650 Garland
  • 1651-1653 Victory
  • 1653 Triumph
  • 1654 Sovereign
  • At the Battle of Dungeness, Lionel Lane was commended for helping Robert Blake, in the Triumph, to escape through the Dutch fleet. On December 14, 1652, he was present at a council of war where decisions were made about the sort of fleet which should be prepared to meet the Dutch. At the Battle of Portland, he was Vice Admiral of the Blue, in William Penn's Blue squadron. After Portland, circa April 1653, his ship was lying at Portsmouth with the Generals and the core of the main fleet. At the Battle of the Gabbard, Lionel Lane was again William Penn's Vice Admiral, this time in the White squadron. On September 3, 1653, Lionel Lane was listed as captain of the Triumph, but as of November 17, 1653, he had still not reported aboard. On January 17, 1654, Lionel Lane was ordered to finish preparing the Triumph, so that when the Sovereign was ready in about three months, he could move to her. I have no further record of Lionel Lane's career, after that note.

    The main sources are: R.C. Anderson, "List of English Captains 1642-1660" (Society for Nautical Research) The First Dutch War, Vols III-VI (Navy Records Society) The Letters of Robert Blake (Navy Records Society)

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