Monday, October 18, 2004

Dutch captain: Matthijs Gilliszoon

Apparently, Matthijs Gilliszoon's full name was Matthijs Gilliszoon Kampen. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He died on 19 February 1649. He was promoted to captain in 1637 and Schout-bij-Nacht and then Vice-Admiral in 1647. In1639, he served under Tromp in the Battle of the Downs. In 1643, he had served under Tromp in the blockade of Dunkirk. In 1647, he commanded the ship Huis van Nassau (40 guns) as Vice-Admiral in the relief fleet sent to Brazil. They had been sent with inadequate resources to restore the Dutch position in Brazil, which had deteriorated after Prince Maurice had left the country. In 1648, Matthijs Gilliszoon's ship was disabled and abandoned in the battle near Bahia. A Portuguese captain blew up his ship, rather than being defeated, and destroyed the Utrecht (32 guns) and disabled the Huis van Nassau. The Huis van Nassau, after being abandoned, ended up in the harbor of Bahia, where it was taken by the Portuguese and refitted for use against the Dutch. In 1649, Matthijs Gilliszoon was killed in the land battle near Guararapes in Brazil. Sources:
  • Mollema's "Honor Roll"
  • W.J. van Hoboken, Witte de With in BraziliĆ«

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