Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dutch naval officer: David Vlugh

This is my translation and editing of the entry in Mollema's "Honor Roll" for David Vlugh:

David Vlugh was born in 1611 and died on 7 June 1673. He served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. He was a lieutenant in 1639, a captain in 1665, and Schout-bij-Nacht in 1666.
He fought at the Battle of the Downs in 1639 as a lieutenant. From 1640 to 1642, he served as a lieutenant in the blockading fleet before Dunkirk. In 1658, he was a skipper in the merchant marine, and commanded a supply ship for De Ruyter, in 1659, with the expedition to the Sound. In 1665, after the Battle of Lowestoft, he was promoted to captain of the Wapen van Nassau (60 guns). In 1666, he distinguished himself in the Four Days Battle and the St. James's Day Battle. In 1667, he commanded a "holding squadron" in the Wapen van Utrecht (72 guns) under Van Ghent, during the Raid on Chatham. In 1672, he commanded the Wapen van Enkhuizen (72 guns) at the Battle of Solebay. In 1673, he commanded a squadron before the Thames, and was killed at the First Schooneveld Battle.

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