Friday, October 08, 2004

Dutch Captain: Cornelis Janszoon Poort

Cornelis Janszoon Poort served the Directors of Amsterdam, from early 1652 until he was killed in March 1653. He commanded the ship Kroon Imperiaal. Her dimensions were: 130ft x 30ft x 12-1/2ft, with a height between decks of 7ft. On 27 March 1652, she was listed as having 38 guns: 20-12pdr, 14-6pdr, and 4-4pdr. On 19 April and 8 November 1652, she was listed as having 34 guns: 2-brass 24pdr, 16-12pdr (of which 10 were brass), 12-6pdr (of which two were brass), and 4-3pdr. A list from early 1653 has essentially the same list, but is less sure about which guns were brass. The Kroon Imperiaal's crew was consistently listed as 125 men.

What we know for sure is that Captain Poort was with Tromp on his voyage to the Shetlands, during July-August 1652, was with Captain Balck convoying ships to the Baltic in the fall, and then was at the Battle of Dungeness in Witte de With's squadron (de With, himself, was not there). Captain Poort was Witte de With's Rear-Admiral. In March 1653, he was at the Battle of Portland, where he was killed and his ship sunk.

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