Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dutch captain: Willem van Nieuhoff

This is based on my translation of the entry for Willem van Nieuhoff in Mollema's "Honor Roll" which I have augmented with additional information:

Willem van Nieuhoff died on 3 March 1653, and had served teh Admiralty of Amsterdam. He had been promoted to captain in 1636. In 1639, he had distinguished himself against 4 Dunkirkers. He was rewarded with a gold medal. He also fought at the Battle of the Downs. He was in Commandeur Denijs' squadron on the South side of the Downs, to block that exit for the Spanish fleet. In 1645, he commanded the Wapen van Goes under Witte de With in the Sound. In 1653, he died on board the transport ship Aartsengel Michiel (40 guns) in the Mediterranean Sea.

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