Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dutch Captain: Cornelis Barentszoon Slordt

Cornelis Barentszoon Slordt is not mentioned in Mollema's "Honor Roll", still played a part in the actions at sea during the 1650's. I will give as much information as I have found:

Cornelis Barentszoon Slordt served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. The earliest reference to him that I have found is on 16 November 1650, Joris van Cats found Captain Slordt and his ship, the Jonge Prins (28 guns) in the harbor of Cadiz. Captain Slordt spent the next three years as part of the Dutch Mediterranean squadron. He took part in the Battle of Monte Christo (Elba) in September 1652, under the command of Johan van Galen. On 14 March 1653, he took part in the Battle of Livorno (Leghorn), were Johan van Galen was mortally wounded. At the end of the battle, Captain Slordt's ship was one of 7 ships that exchanged fire with Richard Badiley's squadron, which withdrew without serious fighting. We next see Captain Slordt at the Battle of the Sound in 1658, where he commanded the Caleb (40 guns). The last mention of Captain Slordt was at the Battle of Lowestoft, where he commanded the Jozua (50 guns). Perhaps he was killed at Lowestoft, but I don't have a definitive reference.

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