Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dutch Captain: Hendrik Gotskens

Hendrik Gotskens served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1659, Hendrik Gotskens was in the Sound under De Ruyter. He commanded the Raadhuis van Haarlem (40 guns). In December 1659, he was in Kiel, along with Commandeur Sweers and otherships, as well as with the Danish Rear-Admiral Rootsteen.

In 1665 Hendrik Gotskens commanded the Vrede (48 guns) in Lt.-Admiral vanWassenaer's First Squadron at the Battle of Lowestoft. At the Four Days Battle, he was in De Ruyter'sdivision, where Captain Gotskens commanded the Wapen van Utrecht (66 guns). When Baron van Ghent's ship, the Gelderland (64guns), was damaged by the wind, he went on board the Wapen van Utrecht as an observer. On the fourth day, after the council of war, Cornelis Tromp moved his flag to the Wapen van Utrecht so that Isaak Sweers would be free to use the Gouda as his flagship, as he assumed command of Abraham van der Hulst's division, after van der Hulst was killed. Hendrik Gotskens, still in the Wapen van Utrecht, was again in De Ruyter's division at the St. James Day Battle.

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