Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dutch captain Rombout van der Parre during the First Anglo-Dutch War

Thanks to the website of the Historische Vereniging Noordoost Friesland, we know more about some Frisian ships and captains (thanks to Andrew who found the site). I immediately noticed that the site adds to what is known about some captains and ships. For example, there is the following about Rombout van der Parre:
  • Fought under De Ruyter at the Battle of Plymouth on 26 August 1652, where he commanded the Albertina (24 guns)
  • Before the Battle of the Kentish Knock, he was sent home, due to his ship being unfit due to damage from the Battle of Plymouth
  • Fought at the Battle of Dungeness (near the Singels) under Tromp in the Albertina
  • Fought in the Battle of Portland (28 February to 2 March 1653) in the Albertina
  • Commanded the new ship Oostergo (54 guns)

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