Friday, October 22, 2004

Dutch Captain: Barend Rees

In May 1673, Barend Rees commanded the Rotterdam ship Wassenaer (60 guns and a crew of 239 sailors and 46 soldiers). On 6 June, he was in Cornelis Tromp's squadron and took part in the second Schooneveld battle. He very likely had been in the first battle, as well. At the Battle of the Texel, he was in Jan de Haan's division in Cornelis Tromp's squadron. He still commanded the Wassenaer (now 59 guns and a crew of 223 sailors and 17 soldiers). On 24 May 1673, he was under Lt-Admiral van Nes. By 8 June 1674, he was in De Ruyter's division in the expedition to Martinique. Barend Rees commanded the Utrecht (36 guns and a crew of 128 sailors and 41 soldiers). In 1688 he participated in the voyage taking Willem III to invade England. Barend Rees commanded the Honslaardijk (48 guns and a crew of 190 men) in Schout-bij-Nacht Jan van Brakel's squadron.

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