Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Wapen van Dordrecht in 1658

Another ship from Ron van Maanen's list from 1658 was the Admiralty of the Maas ship (Rotterdam), the Wapen van Dordrecht, with 42 guns, and a crew of 130 sailors and 30 soldiers in 1658. The ship was built in 1655, had a length of 127ft-7inches (from stem to sternpost), and a beam inside the planking of  32ft-5in (=uitwatering). The hold was 13ft-3in. I have not seen this, previously, but we actually have draft measurements. The draft aft was 16ft-4in and forward was 14ft-5in. The  height  of the upper deck above the main deck was 7ft-4in. The Wapen van Dordrecht was last mentioned in 1665.

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