Sunday, April 11, 2004

Battle of Portland (The Three Days Battle)

I am going to push for a Battle of Portland scenario, based on my current understanding, for posting at My webmaster has the new organization in place that I had suggested. We will continue to flesh out this framework. My intent is to continue to make available information that has not been previously published, along with my analysis.

I ran some tests, late this afternoon, with my revised understanding of the Battle of the Kentish Knock, and found that if the battle were of short duration, the Dutch did quite well. If the battle became extended, and the English were able to close, the battle would decisively tip to the English. That may well be the explanation for the Dutch performing well at that battle. The English were so badly organized and led by Blake, that they were fortunate not to lose any ships.

I did not see that quite so dramatically for Portland, which I also tested. Part of the reason seems to be that it was too easy for Monck's squadron to come up, against the wind. I don't understand, yet, what the issue is (I have been testing with my favorite computer simulator for sailing naval warfare).

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