Saturday, April 24, 2004

Michiel De Ruyter's squadron at Scheveningen (amended)

As I am working on building Dutch OOB's for the Gabbard and Scheveningen, I have been reading through the published sources. I believe that I missed one ship that was in De Ruyter's division within his squadron. I will try to format the information better, this time.

De Ruijter apparently flew his flag on the Witte Lam, at both the Battle of the Gabbard and Scheveningen. I remember seeing, in Salt in Their Blood, that the Lam had 40 guns and a crew of 145 men. In the published list from 1652, near the beginning of the war, Jan Tijssen's ship only carried 32 guns and had a crew of 110 men. We know the composition of his squadron at Scheveningen by the orders he gave to the individual captains.  These are documented in The First Dutch War, Vol.V. Asterisks (*) denote estimates. The ships are in the order that they are mentioned, except that we include De Ruyter's ship.




Michiel De Ruyter

Vlissingen Directors

Witte Lam, 40 guns

Dingeman Cats


Gekroonde Liefde, 23 guns

Hendrick Kroeger


Leiden, 28 guns

Lt-Commander Anthonis Fappenlain (or Anthonis Foppenthey), Lieutenant of Tijs Tijmenszoon Peereboom


Peereboom, 24 guns

Jan Olivierszoon

Veere Directors

Unknown ship, 38 guns

Gillis Janszoon


Zeeridder, 28 guns

Adriaan Corneliszoon van Ackersloot

Amsterdam Directors

Moor, 34 guns

Frans Mangelaar


Liefde, 30 guns

Evert Pieterszoon Swart

Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC


Bastiaan Centen (Senten or Centsen)



Jan Pieterszoon Strijp

Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC

Huis van Nassau

Markus Hartman


Gekroonde Liefde, 34 guns

Jakob Wolfertszoon


Unknown ship, 28 guns*

Jakob Swart (possibly Jacob Cornelisz. Swart)

Amsterdam Directors

Faam, 28 guns

Pieter de Bitter

Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC

Mercurius, 36 guns*

That would give De Ruijter's squadron a strength of 15 ships, which is plausible., although I would have guessed his squadron to be larger.

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