Tuesday, April 27, 2004

An example of my notes about English ships (the Ark Royal)

This is rather off-topic, but I thought it was a good illustration of the sort of material that I have, essentially in the form of notes, for English ships. The Ark Royal was a notable ship, having been Lord Howard's flagship during the Armada campaign. At the time I took these notes, I recorded the shot size, rather than the classic names. For example, a 5.25pdr is a saker. A 9-pdr is a demi-culverin. A 24-pdr is a cannon perrier.


Ark Royal


1587  Deptford DY  Peter Pett   (Oppenheim, p.121)

Rebuilt in 1602


Galleon, 55 guns, 694t   (Colledge, p.38)

4-42pdr, 4-32pdr, 12-18pdr, 12-9pdr, 6-5.25pdr, 17 smaller guns

Deptford DY, 1587

Rebuilt in 1608 as Anne Royal


Listed in 1588 as 800t, crew 425  (Archibald, p.329)



4-32pdr, 4-cannon (actually 24pdr), 12-18pdr, 12-9pdr,

     6-5.25pdr, 4-port pieces (7-port piece chambers), 

     2-fowlers (4-fowler chambers), 46 guns total  (Archibald, p.330)


1603   (Oppenheim, p.157)

4-32pdr, 4-24pdr, 12-18pdr, 12-9pdr, 6-5.25pdr, 2-fowlers, 4-port pieces


1602   (Oppenheim, p.124)

LK=100ft, B=37ft, D=15ft, Burden=555t, Tons and Tonnage=692t, crew=400

wt of armament=50t


Listed in 1603 as 800t, crew 400  (Archibald, p.331)


Listed in 1604 as 800t, crew 400  (Archibald, p.331)


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