Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This is off-topic: the Revenge

I just read something that seemed pretty bizarre. There was a claim that the Revenge was armed with "42 bronze guns. Twenty of these, heavy 20-30lb demi-cannon and slightly lighter culverins and demi-culverins, were housed on the lower deck. On the upper decks were more demi-culverins, 8-10lb sakers, and a variety of anti-personnel weapons, swivel-mounted breech-loaders, called fowlers or falcons." (The Revenge by John Barratt ). The only problem with this is that the Revenge could not carry such an armament. It was a 500 ton vessel. In the First Anglo-Dutch War, similar ships carried culverins on the lower tier.

Michael Oppenheim give the armament as follows: 2-demi-cannon, 4-cannon perrier, 10-culverins, 6-demi-culverins, 10-sakers, 2-falcons, 2-port pieces, 4-fowlers, and 6-bases. I am unclear as to the date of this list, however. I don't have all my sources instantly available to me, so I can't expand on this. I would be interested to hear some feedback on this topic.

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