Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Swedish ship Kronan

Prof. Jan Glete provided me several documents showing Swedish ship armaments prior to the Battle of the Sound. These may have been augmented, prior to the battle. I thought it might be interesting to list the armament for the Kronan. An interesting feature of this document is that it lists guns by deck.

Lower Deck
Brass guns: 2-30pdr, 6-24pdr
Iron guns: 6-18pdr, 10-14pdr

Upper Deck:
Brass guns: 6-14pdr, 10-12pdr
Iron guns: 8-8pdr

Brass guns: 14-6pdr, 2-3pdr

This document lists 6 ships: Kronan, Scepter, Oldenburgh, Dawidh, Engelen, and a name that I cannot decipher, but which looks like it could be Kååsen. The first letter is what is baffling me. Only two of the ships in the 4 Sept 1658 list took part in the battle: Kronan and Dawidh (David).

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