Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This is an example of my Dutch captain notes (Hendrick Adriaanszoon)

This is a typical listing for a Dutch captain in my notes that are part of what is now a 50-page Word document. There is good coverage for the First Anglo-Dutch War, and I have expanded somewhat beyond that, as this listing shows.

Hendrik Adriaenszoon


His ship was one of ten, from Amsterdam, lying ready to sail for the convoy to the East, as noted on July 26, 1652 [1DW1, p.388]

Sometime in early 1653, Hendrich Adriaenssen was captain of the Amsterdam ship, Sampson, which had 26 guns and a crew of 90 men.  The ship is listed as lying off of Amsterdam. The list had a notation that the ship "is lying in the Vlie, to prevent the Baltic and Greenland traders from sailing out; afterwards will act as convoy." [1DW4, p.310]

In 1659, Hendrik Adriaanszoon commanded the ship, Gelderland, which was part of the fleet commanded by De Ruyter, operating off Denmark.  The ship had a crew of 190 men and carried 40 guns. This was a ship belonging to the Amsterdam Admiralty. [Grove, p.xv]

In 1664, Hendrik Adriaanszoon commanded the Amsterdam Admiralty ship, Damiaten, which had a crew of 135 men and carried 32 guns.  He was part of De Ruyter's fleet that operated against English outposts. [Reis, p.23]

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