Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Great Charity (Groote Liefde) of 1653

I believe that this is the ship that became the English Great Charity. There is some uncertainty, in that when comparing these dimensions with the reported English dimensions, as measured, there are some discrepancies. I am pretty sure that this is the ship, as the Great Charity was captured in 1653. We know that the Groote Liefde was one of the ships taken by the English at the Battle of Portland. The information that I have listed here is from a manuscript from the Dutch archives. We believe that "boven" is the height of the upperdeck above the main deck (and the hold).  I have seen the Van de Velde drawing of the Great Charity, but can't find where I saw it. If anyone knows the source, I would be greatful to know.

 8 November 1652   (Nationaal Archief  1.03.02 Inv. nr. 8)

Groote Liefde


Captain Bruijn van Seelst

Length:  132 feet

Beam:     29 feet

Hold:      13-1/2 feet

Boven:   6-1/2 feet

38 guns:  2-24pdr brass of the State, 18-12pdr, 14-6pdr, 4-3pdr

Crew:  114

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