Monday, April 26, 2004

Amsterdam Directors' ships

I was just looking over my document that is essentially a transcription from documents from the Nationaal Archief from 1652 and 1653. I may also have some information from Jan Glete's notes that Rick van Velden was not able to find. On the other hand, Rick found some documents that Jan Glete did not see, twenty years ago.

I am still seeking the right vehicle to publish this information, as it would fill a critical need. I am amazed at how much was omitted in Vreugdenhil's list from 1938. Of course, he also clearly saw some things that I have not seen. For example, there is obviously material from 1648 to 1652 that he has included from some source. The main problem is that he omitted a lot of interesting data, such as armaments, as his is just a summary list. My "directors" list has crew and armament, as well as the height of deck above the hold (boven).

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