Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yesterday, I received a photograph of the page about Cornelis Rocusz Fincen's ship

Yesterday, I received the photograph of the page that talks about Cornelis Rocusz (or Rocussen) Fincen, his ship, the Wapen van Zierikzee, and his replacement by Crijn Cornelisz Mangelaer as captain. The page shows that the main battery of the Wapen van Zierikzee consisted of 8pdr guns, with a few larger and the rest being smaller, but totalling 34 guns. The crew consisted of 90 sailors and 25 soldiers. We still do not know the dimensions of the Wapen van Zierikzee. We did learn the name of the ship from this page, as Dr. Ballhausen had erroneously called the ship the Liefde.

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