Saturday, March 10, 2007

David de Wildt's list

I have to admit that Carl Stapel is correct, that I should not assume that just because a ship with a recognizable name appears in David de Wildt's list, dated 22 February 1652, that the name refers to a ship that we know was hired for service in the First Anglo-Dutch War. Still, I would hazard a guess that many of the ships with recognizable names, such as the Sint Matheeus and Croon Imperiael, were the ships hired by the Amsterdam Directors. The entry for the Sint Matheeus seems to confirm that the more expansive set of dimensions, listed in Dr. Weber's book better reflect those of the Sint Matheeus that was captured by the English in the Battle of the Gabbard than the smaller ones listed in various documents from 1652. These dimensions are: 144ft x 36ft x 15ft, with a height between decks of 7ft. These dimensions are in Amsterdam feet, of course. Dr. Weber did not know the hold dimension, but we can see here that the hold was 15ft.

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