Friday, March 09, 2007

Some "real numbers" from 30 September 1652

I have a page that lists captains, guns, and crew size, dated 30 September 1652. There are some surprises, as these are largely real numbers, not nominal. I have supplied ship names, and in at least one instance, the captain's name:
Adm    Ship               Guns Crew Captain
R      Brederode          54   193  Abel Roelantsz Verboom
A-Dir  Sint Maria         31   102  Sipke Fockes
Me-Dir Sint Jeronimus     28    90  Jan Pietersz Een arm
R-Dir  Sint Pieter        28   119  Jan Janssen van der Valck
A      Graaf Willem       38   125  Jan Gideonsz Verburgh
A-VOC  Vrede              26   192  Pieter Salmonszoon
A-VOC  Vogelstruijs       43   180  Douwe Auckes
A      Drie Coningen      38   113  Lucas Albertszoon
A      Aartsengel Michiel 38   111  Emanuel Salingen

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