Friday, March 23, 2007

Jan Olivierszoon's ship

As I have written about in the past, Jan Olivierszoon's Veere Directors' ship was named the Wapen van der Vere. That has been repeatedly shown to be the case in a number of documents. That was a revelation to me when I found out when I received copies from the Zeeuws Archief. In the photographs that I have received in the last few weeks, there were two sets of guns listed for the Wapen van der Vere. The first list claimed to sum to 38 guns, but actually had 34 guns. More recently, I received a page with a full 38 guns listed. I had wondered what the difference was between them, and the answer is that the first had only 4-iron 6pdr guns while the second had 8. This was a ship with a main battery of 8pdr guns and a length of 123-1/2ft. The ship could carry as many as 38 guns on that length because they were relatively small. 30 guns were 8pdr or less.

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