Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some more amazing hired ships from 1652

The list of Amsterdam ships dating from 21 September 1652 is really enlightening. There are these amazing ships listed as being hired:
Adm  Ship              Guns Crew Captain
A    Campen            40   130  Joris van der Zaan
A    Hollandia         32   100  Albert Graeff
A    Star              28    90  Jacob Paulusz Cort
A    Achilles          30   100  Dirck Scheij
A    Goude Leeuw       24    80  Gillis Tijsz Campen
A    Hollandse Tuijn   24    80  Hillebrant Jeroensz

Three of these are not unexpected, in that the Hollandia, Goude Leeuw, and Hollandsche Tuin were legtimately hired, as far as we know. The other were apparently involved an artifice, so that the Admiralty of Amsterdam could fund their service under the hundred ships appropriation.

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