Saturday, March 31, 2007

A list of Noorderkwartier ships that I had heard about

In the last few days, I received pages from this list of Noorderkwartier ships from 1652 that were obviously what Carl Stapel had seen. A feature of this document is that fours are formed like they were nines. In fact, the list shows the correct armaments as well as lists actual crew numbers, from some date. The list has entries like:
Capt. Jan Heck            the ship the Eenhoorn        90 men  28 guns
Capt. Thijs Pereboom      the ship the Pereboom        81 men  24 guns
Capt. Theunis Vechtersz   the ship the Schel           75 men  24 guns
Capt. Claes Allertsz      the ship the Nieuwe Casteel  65 men  14 guns

Fishery ships taken by the English

Capt. Jan Heck            the ship the Adam en Eva       70 men  24 guns
Capt. Herman Munnekes     the ship the Wapen van Hollant 90 men  28 guns
Capt. Jan Noblet          the ship the Lant van Beloften 70 men  24 guns

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