Monday, March 26, 2007

The common error in the summer of 1653

There is a remote possibility that this is not an error, and that there had been some change in assignment of ships, as the error is very widespread. What seems to be an error is that Jacob Claesz Duijm's ship, the Vergulde Zon, is listed as being hired by the Edam Directors, not the Enkhuizen Directors, and Hendrick Pieterszoon's ship, the Vergulde Halve Maan, is listed as being hired by the Monnikendam Directors, not the Edam Directors. This error is present in the information used by Dr. Elias for Vol.V of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, the July 1653 Vlissingen list, and Witte de With's journal. I can only account for it by assuming that some common source, such as a list prepared by Lt-Admiraal Tromp had the error, or else it was not an error, but there was some change. Aitzema, however, assigns the ships as we would expect, in Saken van Staet in Oorlogh in ende omtrent de Vereenigte Nederlanden.

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