Sunday, May 14, 2006

The planned Dutch ships for the First Anglo-Dutch War

I have only been able to find the allotments of Dutch ships for the First Anglo-Dutch War from H. T. Colenbrander's book of documents from foreign archives:
Forty ships of 1648

Rotterdam        8 ships
Amsterdam       16 ships
Zeeland          8 ships
Noorderkwartier  8 ships

Total           40 ships

Thirty-Six ships of 1651

Rotterdam        7 ships
Amsterdam       14 ships
Zeeland          7 ships
Noorderkwartier  7 ships
Friesland        1 ship

Total           36 ships

One Hundred Ships of 1652

Rotterdam       16-1/2 ships
Amsterdam       33 ships
Zeeland         16-1/2 ships
Noorderkwartier 16-1/2 ships
Friesland       16-1/2 ships

Total          100 ships

Fifty Directors’ ships of 1652

Rotterdam                      7 ships
Amsterdam                     24 ships
Zeeland                        9 ships
Cities of the Noorderkwartier  7 ships
Friesland                      2 ships
Groningen                      1 ship

Total                         50 ships

The first thirty ship building program

Rotterdam        5 ships
Amsterdam       10 ships
Zeeland          5 ships
Noorderkwartier  5 ships
Friesland        5 ships

Total           30 ships
The fractional ship numbers just make the list less useful. Sources:
  1. H. T. Colenbrander, Bescheiden uit vreemde archieven omtrent de groote Nederlandsche zeeoorlogen 1652-1676, 1919

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