Friday, May 05, 2006

Perhaps this might be of interest to others

I have been doing more research about the Dutch fishery protection squadron that was captured or sunk on 22 July 1652:

I am less sure of the mappings between the complete list of captains, ships, and admiralties:

Ship              Guns Crew Captain            Adm  References
Paulus (Sint Paul)24   80   Dirk van Dongen    M    1DW4,p.383,Vreug 194
Waterhond         24   80   Renout Venhuijsen  M    1DW1, p.383, Vreug 213
Kalmar Sleutel    24   80   Dirk Vijch         M    1DW1,p.383, Vreug 141
Wapen van Holland 30  110   Herman Munnekes    N    1DW4,p.314,Vreug 208,
                                                    1DW1 p.383
Adam en Eva       24   80   Jan Heck           N    1DW4, p.314, Vreug 91

(from The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, page 314, this appears to be a ship hired by the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier, despite what Vreugdenhil says. The Adam en Eva is listed in a group of Noorderkwartier ships on page 314 of The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, as I wrote.

Ship               Gun Crew   Captain          Adm  References
Sampson van Hoorn   24   80   Willem Ham       N    1DW1,p.383,1DW4,p.313,
                                                    Vreug 182
Sampson van
Enkhuizen           28  100                    En-Dir? 1DW1,p.383,
                                                      Vreug 181
Land van Beloften   24   80   Jan Noblet       N    1DW4,p.314,Vreug 146
Marcus Curtius      24   80   Hendrik Kroeger  A    1DW4,p.310,Vreug 153
Juffrouw Catharina  24   80   Dirk Bogaart     A    1DW4,p.310,Vreug 100
Zwaan van Amsterdam 28  100                    A    1DW1,p.383,Vreug 219
Arke Noach          24   80                    A    1DW1,p.383,Vreug 163
Sint Jan Baptist    22   80                    A    1DW1,p.383,Vreug 188

I had thought that this might have been one of the squadron of possibly 15 ships, but this was taken by James Peacock in October 1652. Vreugdenhil had listed the Morgenstar (Morgenster) as being a fishery protection ship

Ship              Guns Crew Captain            Adm  References
Morgenstar        20   80                      ?    Vreug, p.160
1DW1 = The First Dutch War, Vol.I
1DW4 = The First Dutch War, Vol.IV
Vreug = Vreugdenhil's list from 1938
A = Admiralty of Amsterdam
M = Admiralty of the Maze
N = Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier
En-Dir = Enkhuizen Directors

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